Is it dangerous?

Risk to me personally feels very low. I feel safe to walk around Nablus alone and I travel between cities (and have once crossed a border) by myself.

Those who live in the refugee camps (some of which are in cities) or near settlements are at risk of harassment, violence or shootings, but this has not affected me as a foreigner in central Nablus.

Clashes between police and protestors can turn violent, and may involve rubber bullets or tear gas. I avoid protests.

There are both permanent and (to me) seemingly arbitrary military checkpoints manned by Israeli forces and when passing through those it is not unusual to have a gun pointed at me. At those times I don’t feel safe, but the risk is still low.

Do you have to wear a burqa/scarf?

No. Although I frequently choose not to expose my legs, balcon or arms above the elbow I wear the same clothes as I do in the UK. In smaller West Bank towns it is very rare to see bare legs or arms, but at the uni leggings and t-shirts as well as abayas abound. Most Christian girls and some Muslim girls in Nablus do not cover their hair.

These are all Palestinian women in traditional dress. Different embroidered motifs signified women’s origin, marital status, wealth and so on.palgals


Autocorrect for ‘Palestine’ on my phone keyboard.

What are your colleagues/teachers/housemates like?

MY blog about ME.*
*also, privacy concerns.

What’s life like in Gaza?

I don’t know.  I’m not in Gaza and I’ve never been. I guess not good. They’re getting a new Coca Cola factory in November 2016.

Do you have an address I can send post to?

Yes I SO very much DO! Please go ahead!
My full name (and Palestininan mobile number if you please) at:
International Office, An-Najah University, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab St., PO Box 7, Nablus, West Bank, Israel

Does it get cold in the winter?