Time for my blog to get the jingles it deserves, jazz to grunge. That was the consensus.

I think the Woody Guthrie is my favourite. This Ambassadress is your Ambassadress, this Ambassadress is my Ambassadress…


But I also liked when they went Old Time. Those fine voices belong to Habib al-Mahboub and Kamal, cooker of pilao. There was a flamenco round as well, and an attempt at Craig Davidsing my site, as well as a couple of others.

You may notice quality is low and there is no grunge. This is because these were all I could lovingly recover from audio marked onto a soaped-up empty loo roll holder, what I had handy at the time.

Please feel free to rig up an autoplay for any of these whenever you visit my site.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mother says:

    We haven’t had any cats for a while…..more cats!!


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