December Cat of the Month, Nablus ft. Jericho

DID YOU KNOW…? The Arabic for cat is ‘qitta’ and the Arabic for pusspuss is ‘bissa’ and this means it is very easy for English speakers to remember how to talk to kitties in Arabic.

This month Nablus cat has to be the yowler who inveigled their way into my flat (admittedly, rewarded with a bowl of tuna).


Truth be told, I was alone that day, and I did not make the full extent of the visit known to all my flatmates.

But it was a very nice visit.


Joshua said, Cursed before the LORD be the man who rises up and rebuilds this city, Jericho. But cats seem to have evaded mention. Jericho is one of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth and has a delighting stray cat population, kept in health by the resident cat man.

You too may get to pet a Jericho cat if some day you are ever there!

And finally, not a Nablus cat of the month, but a very special guest: my incredibly handsome cousin Joe, from North Carolina, in his Christmas best. I am terrifically honoured to feature him on this blog.



Happy Januarys, all!


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