An onwards plod on independence day

Happy independence day, everyone! Today is a bank holiday to celebrate the independence of Palestine. No, I am not pulling your leg! Celebrated Mahmoud Darwish wrote the Declaration, read on 15th November 1988.

This is another round-up post with little gist. There’s still no good news about our absent friends <here I take a brief pause from typing to shake my fist at the sky> but I am having fun moments amidst the plodding onwards, bereft of so many comrades. I also will use this post to plug Clash (eshtebak), a recent Egyptian film set in a post-Morsi riot van. It’s good.

invitation to konafa night.jpg

Last night, not fearing a late one because of today’s day off, I went to a friends’ house where I was served a genuine, buttery Italian risotto.  Today I went shopping with my Palestinian roommate and then to Cinema City! The little cinema here in Nablus has shown the same three films, Hollywood blockbusters none of which I have interest in, since I arrived. But as part of a small film festival we were today served Clash. I really enjoyed my outing and hope to attend more films. If the schedule changes.

Slightly damper news is that the puppy one of the foreign volunteers here took in a month ago will be flown out to America on Thursday, in advance of the volunteer’s return. This is good news for the little pup’s new life in the land of the free, but I feel I have had nothing remotely approaching enough puppy communing. Days are dark early here now and my room is cold. Sunset is about half past four! SO EARLY. I will miss woodburner adjacent cuddles with the doogs.

get ya slips on

And tomorrow is the konafa night, invitation pictured above, and after that my journalist friend and I are off to meet, supposedly, a sheikh of the Naqshbandi. We originally planned to meet the Ahmadis, but none being available, our local cicerone substituted another religious minority local to Nablus. I have some doubts. It could be we are meeting our tour guide’s uncle’s friend, playing dress up. But we shall see! Hit me up if you have questions for the Naqshbandi!





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Granny says:

    How does one address a Sheik – especially of the Naqshbandi? Is one careful not to mention camels as he gets about in a flash motor ….!


    1. ambassadresstopantsfeels says:

      I just kept nodding at this sheikh! He seemed very nice. I must and shall update you xxx


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