Things I have told myself the noises are

  • Some guy dropping a few breeze blocks or a box of tiles on next door’s roof
  • A very large door a few floors down being blown shut
  • A sizeable, but completely harmless, landslide
  • Bald tires finally giving up
  • Poorly secured cargo in a flat-bed truck
  • A pneumatic drill
  • Someone hammering sheet metal haphazardly in order to bang dust off it
  • Ungraceful cardio workouts in the flat next door
  • Fireworks
  • Cement + scrap being chucked onto the street from the third floor
  • A carefully supervised quarry blast
  • Several cars backfiring
  • A drunken uncle making celebratory gunfire in the wee hours after a wedding
  • The wind, just the wind
  • A billionaire tycoon’s private jet
  • Amateur pilots out with their biplanes for a Sunday leisure run at 300ft
  • Nothing except a rifle. That crack is unmistakeable.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mother says:

    What a lot of loud noises! Tricky 🙂


    1. ambassadresstopantsfeels says:

      Actually maybe it’s someone dragging a warehouse trolley loosely filled with corrugated iron down an echoey cobbled alley


  2. jeremyp99 says:

    I like a good loud quarry blast myself. But then I’m a boy, and we tend to like loud bangs.


    1. ambassadresstopantsfeels says:

      No shortage of those here!


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