Content note: terrible taxidermy.

I’d just like to share a few photos of my very fancy, OPEC-funded university campus if I may.

An-Najah new campus library and media center Nablus
I have a good few hours of lectures. 18, perhaps? So I am here every weekday.


An-Najah Nablus University

These snaps are from a vaycayday. Usually that big white square (al-baydah) is full of students.

Al-baydah means the white but beautifully it also means the egg, which means it is possible to overhear hip girls flinging their hair and asking their friends if they want to ‘go and sit on the egg’.

An-Najah National University Palestine new campus

My favourite part of this campus (so far) I found whilst wandering past the phone top up shop and ATM and I call it ‘the bad taxidermy area’ because it is an area with bad taxidermy.

I have promised to return to take some photos of the stuffed hedgehog for one of my friends, so, you know, stay tuned.

an Najah National University Nablus
the view from the egg is fantastic

Bye for now!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mother says:

    That taxidermy is bad xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ambassadresstopantsfeels says:

      It grieves me righteously to admit this. And yet I must go back for a close up.


  2. Mother says:

    Is it possible to say I prefer the egg white of a white egg?


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