Police called on me in Sama Nablus and a visit to Iraq Burin

Sama Nablus – the Nablus Sky425730434_131229

A servees to Aseera from the central taxi station will take passengers to the An-Najah mustashfa (hospital) for 2.5₪. From there it is a few minutes’ walk to a mountaintop park filled with restaurants. It is one of Nablus’ most popular spots to visit and picnic, getting crowded after nightfall. A Palestinian friend took me and my roommate here in my second week and we watched the sunset.

Nablus at night
The city seen from Sama Nablus

I visited again for a surprise birthday party a couple of weeks ago and the PA police were called because the birthday crowd was singing too enthusiastically. However, they only showed their faces then gracefully retreated at the sight of sober girls in hijab.

21st birthday chocolate cake

Iraq Burin

This lovely old village near Nablus is walkable in an hour, but I took a private taxi with the aforementioned Palestinian friend. We wandered the old town, a prickly pear hotspot, and at sundown meditated on the clifftop.

Mediterranean Palestine
Sunset from Iraq Burin

The beautiful view, from West Bank farmland to the Mediterranean, encompasses Tel Aviv (Tel ar-Rabiaa in Arabic) and Netanya. For one night only, the view was surpassed by my shaven head as no. 1 tourist attraction.

An Israeli settlement backs on to the village, and it was a struggle to enjoy the view peacefully with the knowledge of recent violence.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Granny says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the shaven head was a tourist attraction. It is stunningly beautiful. Truly….a decided distraction from the view!


  2. Evil Stepfather says:

    Prickly Pears. Yummy. Once stripped! Glad all going well. We’re off to Cornwall tomorrow for a week, can’t wait. Pig & Pops send their love x


    1. ambassadresstopantsfeels says:

      Good news! Have a wonderful time! I send it all back.

      You’re down in my contacts as “Benevolent Stepfather” – hope that’s OK xxx


      1. Benevolent Stepfather says:

        Too kind 🙂 x


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