March Cat of the Month: Haifa

Secure on a flying carpet in the charming courtyard of The Port Inn, Haifa, where I stayed when grandfather was in the country, is the March cat. Poorly photographed, splendidly attituded hostel cat. The Port Inn was great value. I recommend also Kabareet bar if you’re in the area! Advertisements

Mannequin Challenge

the fixed and varnished eyes of all those automata

May day

Beltane is a sentimental day for me. I tend to feel a saudade for cuckoos I haven’t heard and bluebells I haven’t seen; it’s when I feel least city-like and most Cassandra Mortmain. It’s a consciously naïve sort of holiday. It wasn’t there at boarding school, so it was a treat to discover bank holidays…


1. Add music to blog.
2. ?
3. Profit

Shia bye

She really did find an abandoned puppy and take her with her.

Sufi mafi?

Wassup! shou fi ma fi? This post is about a quest to learn more about the Ahmadiyya in Nablus. It is sort of the answer to the teaser about the Naqshbandi sheikh in this Palestine Independence Day post from last month. Maybe pics of sheikh to come. Shall let ya know. The story begins with a…

An onwards plod on independence day

Happy independence day, everyone! Today is a bank holiday to celebrate the independence of Palestine. No, I am not pulling your leg! Celebrated Mahmoud Darwish wrote the Declaration, read on 15th November 1988. This is another round-up post with little gist. There’s still no good news about our absent friends <here I take a brief pause from typing…

Ajnabi Badges

Meen ajnabi? Ana ajnabi? Kayf ajnabi wa ana a’ish fi baladi?

I love you a lot

Because my love for you is beyond words, I decided to shut up.